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Cherry Blossom offers a range of massage therapy services. We tailor our massages to meet each individual's unique needs.We specialize in helping people recover from automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. We can help reverse injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.  Cherry Blossom is proud to offer the following services available in
60 min, 90 min and certain modalities in 30 min and up to 120 min sessions.

Sweedish / Relaxation Massage:                                                   60 min     $65.00                90 min    $85.00
Light to firm pressure with relaxing movement.
Helps to circulate blood flow and feel rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue:                                                                                   60 min    $75.00                90 min    $95.00
Firm to deep pressure with focus on problem areas.        
 Relieves overworked muscles

Ashiatsu:                                                                                          60 min    $80.00                90 min    $90.00
The Therapist will use clean soft feet to apply deep
flowing strokes to the body while you comfortably relax on a masssage table.

Hot Stone Massage:                                                                     90 min    $110.00
By placing hot river stones strategically on the body,
helps to alleviate tense and sore muscles.
* recommended 90 min sessions / 60 min available

Sports / Stretching:                                                                        60 min    $65.00                90 min     $85.00
Firm stretching for those who are physically active.
Helps to keep the muscles stretched and limber.

Pregnancy  pre/post):                                                                    60 min    $65.00                90 min    $85.00
Relieves the aches and pains of the extra stress put
on the body during this time.

Myofascial Release:                                                                       60 min    $65.00               90 min    $85.00
Pulling technique used to elongate shortened muscles.

Lymphatic:                                                                                      60 min    $65.00              
Light sweeping strokes to the lymph node area help
unclog the glands from fluid build up.


24 hour Policy: Our office requires 24 hours notice if you are not able to make your scheduled appointment or a $25 rescheduling fee will apply. To cancel your appointment, you can call our office at (512) 820-8852 text that number or you can   e-mail us at

15 minute policy: If you are not able to arrive within the first 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment, your appointment will need to be rescheduled and a $25 rescheduling fee will apply.


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